Money Psychology Workshop



How to increase your earning potential by at least 10x through changing the beliefs and skills you use.

Utilizing your every single rupee properly as a medium to financial freedom and breaking every barrier that prevents you from accumulating wealth.

How your psychology always stops you from working, investing and progressing towards your goal of financial freedom.

How to consistently scale your business and why most people face similar failures when they try to escape mediocrity.

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What our leaners have to say

Aryan Yadav

Thanks for providing us everything and i salute to sir and mam both hardwork and smartwork .

I am a neet aspirant preparing for neet 2024 . it helped me a lot in management of time and preventing the overthinking and things to remember for long time and focusing in right way and i do study with even 16 hours with same energy after completing this couse..

Last I would say that This is My Best decision of 2024 and i thought begining of this year is so powerful and i am sure at last of year 2024 i would not regret as every year beacuse i ahve purcahsed this course .


Divya Prakash

The way you taught concepts in concise and perfect manner its just Perfect, actually I listen to your content on daily basis that why I think it's easy for me.

Surbhi ma'am exercices are really helpful they are rewiring my mind its helping me to detach/attach and many more things...

From many months I am trying to change but relapsing again and again

Monk Mode sets the DIRECTION(A little Push that I needed) and really it helps I trying out some new things like taking to old friends(not good relations)/making new friends and it WORKS.

I mean I have lot to say but i can't express...

I will give my best...

किसी और को पसंद आए या ना आए मेरे लिए एक अच्छा अनुभव था!!

It was perfect for me.


Thank You!!

Parth Shelke

The best thing of Gandhi University is this teach us how thing are actually works , in every new video you covered depp layer of a human being

Specially you teach us what is life , how we grow on our life and only not this but you teach also a method to go on the true path of life. how goes in ineer layer of human , how think out of the box and many more this is very helpfull for me and for my life , this is not like that you give something different to us but the way of your teaching , taking good examples for our understanding it is so relevant and easy this is my experience and this is very good experience for me

Thanks you so much saurabh bhai 🙏❤️

And also Gandhi University

Jaya Rathore

What an incredible workshop! I loved it .

It focuses on developing your mindset and creating an alpha personality.

Different techniques were mentioned for improving our focus and managing our thoughts . Saurabh was incredible and I fell in love with surbhi . Her lesson on offering our self to the universe was helpful for me ❤️

I would high recommend this program to everyone 🤠 who want to build discipline and seek strategies to improve their life .

Anjali Kashyap

Reasonable price. Aapki team ka dedication dikhta hai, ki bas paise kamane ke liye course launch nahi kiya, you literally want to change us. Apke wajh se mene last day par hi sahi par notes banaye, 2-3 baar ek video ko dekha, mere me changes aane Lage hain, me confident feel kar rahi hu. Best this is this , you want to see changes . You want to see productivity.

Zadatar logo ka maksad hi yahi hota hai, ki thik hai na hame paise mil gye, ab agar samjh aa raha hai to thik nahi aa raha to bhi thik...but in your channel it's totally different. Aap mails ka reply karty hain, aap sunna chahte Hain ki kya problem hai,isse ye feel aata hai ki me apse connected hu me koi anwai kuch bhi nahi bol rahi. Aap majboor karty hain ki khud par kaam karo, aese pade mat raho. Like a true mentor.

Garima Chaudhary

This program offers you the mindset and strategies to complete any goal you set out to achieve so that is what i love and for me it was 5/5 so everything was perfect. 😇 Lots of love to Saurabh Gandhi❤️

This will be super beneficial to drive your productivity. It increases mental clarity and helps you break the chain of harmful habits by giving you opportunities to reset the patterns and behaviours you are already used to and also, creates a boost in overall happiness.

Shreya Singh

Changes that has happened bcoz of this workshop in my life are as follows

1. Chai pine ki gandi adat thi mujhe wo chhut gae

2. Social media ka use bahutt hi zada limited ho gaya

3. Subah subah dopamine barbaad karna band ho gaya

4. Instantly reaction de Dena logon ko wo v kam ho gaya

5. Thoughts ko khud se detach hoke dekh paate hain

6. Mind kab mere pe trick khel Raha hai wo v samjh paate hain

7. Apne Surroundings ko zada clean rakhne lag gaye.

And many more, aur time k sath aur chizen change ho payengi

Bablu Kumar

Everything, every word you say in this course and the technique you share and surbhi ma'am who taught me how to control your mind and change yourself completely acc. to Vedas etc. The training about self hypnosis and you gave affirmation or self hypnosis in your own voice that I listen on a daily basis, A video about How to stable like a mountain that was truly amazing for me.

Overall all the videos was amazing. I make a note and I implement it on me on a everyday life. Thanks it not enough. The way you makes us to grow as fast as you can, are the greatest. apart from that So, much to say.......but it all I can feel.

Pratik Jagtap

I really liked everything, but the one thing that stands out is the in depth knowledge both of you have which is commendable . I think what is different in your program from others, which I really liked, is that it really understands the problem faced by people and give solutions accordingly, and not like others who just give generic advice like do hard work, consistency is the key etc .


With our proven system of transformation and insights from changing thousands of lives through our programs, you can expect to see the following benefits from completing Money Psychology Workshop:

  • Enhanced decision making
  • Better career planning
  • Increased financial-literacy
  • Opportunity recognition
  • Progress towards financial freedom
  • Less limiting beliefs around money
  • Better self regulation
  • Peace of mind
  • Understanding of cash flow
  • Emotional stability
  • Better understanding of the economic landscape
  • Healthier relationships
  • Ability to develop new habits
  • Understanding of how things scale
  • Psychology behind why you never invest
  • Healthier relationship with money
  • End to repetitive money gaining & losing patterns
  • Better financial tools
  • Better utilization of every single rupee you have
  • Increased earning potential

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity for this workshop?

The validity is 30 days from the date of purchase. If you want lifetime validity, please opt for the premium plan.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is created for people who know that they have the potential to make a lot of money but because of their programming, they have a bad relationship with money and they either keep procrastinating to start their business, freelancing services, etc or they never educate themselves so that they can make the right moves at the right time. This workshop will help you figure out why you and EVEN YOUR FAMILY failed to make or keep the money while many other people who are dumber and lazier than you end up being rich.

Can students and working professional take this workshop?

YES! Even if you are a student, working professional or currently looking to start making some money, this workshop will shift your perspective on money and help you move closer to time, healthy and financial freedom.

What separates this workshop from other courses on money?

Everything. It does not matter which millionaire you are watching on youtube or which book you pick up, even if their advice is right it won't work for you because of many fundamental defects in your mind. The way you view money is not the same as a millionaire views money. So, you never have the same context as them. But I (Saurabh Gandhi) had to fix my own brain in order to cross own mental limits. All middle class people who remain stuck in their constant struggle around money is because of how their brain is wired to view work, money, success and reward. And in this workshop, WE EXPOSE ALL THOSE LIMITING FACTORS AND HOW TO BREAK THOSE LIMITS.

All contributors of Money-psychology workshop

Saurabh Gandhi

(co-founder: Gandhi University)

Surbhi Gandhi

(co-founder: Gandhi University)

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