21-Day Productivity Challenge

A practical guide to achieving more, using time efficiently, removing distractions and getting things done.

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What's included?

1 Recorded Session Every Morning

Wake up everyday to a fresh and insightful session including deep knowledge, exercises and practical tips to increase your productivity.

Holistic understanding of productivity

Productivity is a problem that is linked to a host of different issues and in these 21 days we will go the bottom of this. Once the root cause is made obvious, it will actually become quite difficult for you to be unproductive.

Practical steps, not just theory

You may have watched hundreds of videos on productivity and time management yet failed to implement anything you learned. But this program is different. Here you discover how to practice what you learn.

10+ Hours of content

One of the biggest reasons why most advice on productivity fails to bring any change is that it lacks depth. It does not matter how many hacks or tips I give you, if any strategy is not given with its proper protocol of usage, it won't work.

In order to give you the best understanding of Productivity and time management, we dive deep into these topics and demystify them.

Check out what learners say

“Such a deep content to be productive whole life and not just like any market gimmick. Deeper and spiritual level se smjhana and not just simple techniques like pomodoro is the best thing about this course.”

Aditya Raj Kashyap

High Ticket Sales Coach


“You know what was different about this course? Hahaha...the way you taught us about productivity, even the person who teaches us about the productivity need to watch. Because they don't understand our problems they tell us, do this you get 1000 percent result. but after 1 day it became 1 percent but in 21 days the way you teach us about productivity and the real reason why we don't become more productive is phenomenal. Now I understand why I wasn't productive in last 10 years after watching thousands of other productivity videos. Thanks saurabh Bhai hamari zindagi asan or behtar banane ke liye ....”

Bablu Kumar

Working Professional


“The program was eye opening and it forces someone to peek inside themselves and heed towards being productive....by the way I always like the content delivered by you guys.....Thank you so much :)

This program was a wholesome guide on self Improvement it was more than just two three productivity advices.”

Sanjana Kundliya



“Loved the approach of identifying the cause of Unproductivity.

One sentence that still reverbs is : we are programmed to perform at peak during chaos, so an individual subconsciously desires to make his circumstances difficult.

For the individual such situation is a win win .

if one succeeds then a sense of achievement is felt , an edge over others.

if one fails then he has an option of escaping responsibility by choosing to be a victim.

This is the 1st course i took of this kind. hence, I don't even know what to compare this course to. It was beyond words.”

Rajesh Swain



“I loved this 21-day challenge program it was a life-changing experience for me and I keep practicing this in my daily life.

This course is very simple to understand no language barrier and most importantly I can relate some of the experiences in my life and this kind of knowledge + study I haven't gotten till now so this kind of learning is new.”

Priti Yadav



“Some chapters like root of all distractions, concious choices, breathwork etc i like these very much.

You can find out your root problem and apply solution from this according to your understanding of content as i watch some videos twice and understood things which couldn't grab in previous watching.

Its approach is very different from other courses due to its application in various situations.”

Girish Saini



“It was straight to the point and also we can feel that the mentor really wanna help which connects the students more towards the mentor.”

Stanzin Chosdon



“Deep understanding of the subject matter, making complex concepts easy to grasp. You took us straight to the root of the problem."

Samarth Kapse



Benefits you will gain

Optimized efficiency

You will be able to do more in less time.

Better decision making

Quick decisions will lead to higher work output.

More time

When you are not wasting your time in distractions or non productive tasks, you will have more free time.

Enhanced organization

You'll learn how to better organize your tasks and new information, leading to reduced clutter and greater efficiency.

Stress Reduction

When you are not divided between different tasks and feeling anxious about the remaining work, you overcome all your stress.

Goal achievement

Being more productive means you will have a higher probability of reaching your goals and career advancement.

Lifelong skills

The skills you will gain over these 21 days can be applied throughout your life, making it a valuable long term investment.

More energy and motivation

Higher productivity will help you develop a higher sense of enthusiasm and love for your work.