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Money-Psychology Workshop

All our behaviors and habits are controlled by psychology. If you have your psychology under control, you will automatically become the master of your skills, habits and money habits. This workshop will change your relationship with money and much you spend, keep and earn.

₹34999 ₹3499 (90% off)

Ultimate Monk-Mode Challenge

Make a big jump in your success journey in next 21 days using science and ancient wisdom. If you want to find joy in the pain of work, work for long hours and build a monk like self-control, this program will help you immensly.

₹14,900 ₹1490 (90% off)

21-Day Productivity Challenge

A practical guide to achieving more, using time efficiently, removing distractions and getting things done.

₹9,900 ₹990 (90% off)

Unlimit Yourself

This has been one of our most popular programs. Hundreds of people have totally transformed their lives, healed their trauma, made better relationships and unlocked the powers of their mind using methods given in this program.


Unchained Masculinity

Find your masculine purpose & unlock the gifts your masculinity has to offer. Society has made modern men soft and submissive, but this program will help show you the exact path that will make you strong, capable and respected.


Unshakable Confidence

Do you hesitate to talk to strangers? Are you afraid of other people's judgement? Do you feel social anxiety or start sweating even talking about being networking? If yes, then this is the best program for you.



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